5 Sharpshinneds YTD Total Raptors..5884.

Today was another predictably slow day. 5 Sharpshinned Hawks went past on a blustery damp cold overcast day.Tomorrow the winds dont look to be what they were once predicted. I suspect it will be a short day unless the winds surprise us...or the birds do!

This is a shot Mark Nash sent me of the  group that gathered to watch the Peregrine release. Some like Walter and Jean continued to count Turkey Vultures that were streaming over at the time. Glad someone did!!
The rest of this week doesnt look very promising so far as us at Rosetta McClain Gardens seeing very much. Unless U just want to get out of the house, other than possibly tomorrow, there are no good days in the immediate future.(through Sunday) I will not be present days there is nothing but rain and south winds. Also at this stage there is no reason to be at the park very early. 9am or even 10am is fine most days as the larger birds that are left to migrate, generally dont get going very early, unless there has been a great wind the day before and we get upflight. Dress accordingly, dampness, even with south(warmer winds) is not comfortable. Lets hope for a change in whether or another day next week that has perfect conditions for another MEGA-DAY.

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