Year To Date Totals As At Oct 18th

As at Oct 18th, we are doing very well. Our total of 6052 is close to 1000 birds ahead of last season at the same time, when we hit just over 5000 raptors. Last season was a record count of 6626. With a few decent counts between now and the end of November we should achieve a new season high! Dare we dream of 7000+??
  Thus far we have seen:
2130-Turkey Vultures(already a new high)
58-Bald Eagles
220-Northern Harriers
2052-Sharpshinned Hawks
78-Coopers Hawks
3-Northern Goshawks
347-Broadwinged Hawks
12-Redshouldered Hawks
266-Redtailed Hawks
0-Roughlegged Hawks
3-Golden Eagles
592-American Kestrels
98-Peregrine Falcons(already a new season high)
6052-Total Raptors

Last year into next week, we had a few good days. There is at least one good looking day on the horizon, so we are hopeful of a big day then(Wednesday as at right now).  There are still many Turkey Vultures and Redtailed Hawks left to come, the only species that will really keep the count climbing at this point. There should be small numbers of Goshawks, Roughlegged Hawks, Redshouldered Hawks and Golden Eagles left to come. Some species like Sharpshinned Hawks, Coopers Hawks, Bald Eagles, Northern Harriers and Merlins will be seen in declining numbers the rest of the way. Most or all of the Osprey, Broadwinged Hawks, American Kestrels and Peregrine Falcons should be gone now, so sightings of these species will be sparse to non-existant, but the beauty of birding is you just never know what we might see.


Tyler said...

There are ALOT of Bald Eagles still north of southern Ontario. They are enjoying the salmon runs on North Channel and Superior, The entrails of all the harvested moose, and the sick/old,or just plain stupid waterfowl which remain in the north. Every year in late fall to mid december that is a noticable push of Bald Eagles southwards after the first few days of a strong freeze(where the lakes finally freeze over). Most hawk watches never see this pulse since they have usually closed shop by December 1.

BIGFRANK said...

Thanks Tyler, other years I have been present on good winds in Dec. Only because I lived 10min walk from the park. I have seen both Golden and Bald Eagles move in December. Will do this season for sure. Thanks for the info.