High Birds High Count..More Records...287 Raptors

Today's brilliant blue skies made spotting a real challange...luckily we had determined spotters making Walter and my jobs easier. We were spotting Redtails,that were high to the north...high overhead and high over the lake. Our biggest kettle of the day was 24 Redtailed Hawks with on Sharpshinned Hawk. Our total of 251 Redtailed Hawks,broke our old one day record for Redtails of 204. 5 more Roughlegged Hawks passed by,one was a dark-morph. This puts us over our modest season record of 12 Roughlegged Hawks with 15 so far this season. 2 more Golden Eagles one at 11am(juvenile) and the 2nd at 143pm(juvenile). Things really shut down by 2pm.
Todays terrific start to November consisted of:
17-Turkey Vulture
4-Northern Harrier
1-Sharpshinned Hawk
1-Northern Goshawk
6-Redshouldered Hawk
251-Redtailed Hawk
5-Roughlegged Hawk
2-Golden Eagle
287-Day Count
For something different we saw Pine Siskins and a few Purple Finch. Right now keep your eye on Friday and Saturday for possible good conditions for a good raptor movement.

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