11 Raptors After The Rain

Winds were right,but the rains stopped migration of very many BOPS. Walter,myself,Cori and Bruce all showed up to see if anything was flying. While it was slow,Im sure raptors moved into an area that will bring them through tomorrow.

Juvenile Turkey Vulture(note the black head)
Today we picked up a few birds. All were low and close. The light-morph Roughlegged Hawk was a nice sighting,as were the Northern Harriers. As Bruce was leaving he hollered back to Walter and I...something about a Turkey Vulture. Walter got into a position to see if he could see anything flying by to the north,while I went up to the parkinglot to see what Bruce was calling about. There was a juvenile Turkey Vulture perched in a tree,on the north side of the parkinglot! Such as they are,a few shots are included that I got of it.Todays total was:
1-Turkey Vulture
2-Northern Harrier
3-Sharpshinne Hawk
2-Coopers Hawk
2-Redtailed Hawk
1-Roughlegged Hawk
Also seen today was a flock of geese. We are 100% sure there were 3 white-phase Snow Geese. The flock contained about 30 individuals,made no sound,was very disorganized and very high. The way they flew truely was very much the same as the flock of 39 Snow Geese we saw earlier this season,making us think its very possible that all of the geese in this flock were Snow Geese. From What Bird:"During migration the Snow Geese flies so high it can barely be seen. They form shifting curved lines and arcs as they fly." This description sounds right to Walter and I. Everyone should keep their eyes peeled for Snow Geese! Id imagine there will be a very early movement of small birds in huge numbers in the morning tomorrow,visible from first light until about 10am. Raptors are unlikely to begin flying much before 11am or even abit later. Tomorrow,conditions look great for a shot at a big raptor movement. Monday and Tuesday both look good too. I can tell you it was very cold today...I will be very well bundled tomorrow(for younger folks that has nothing to do with Bell or Rogers services and everything to do with staying warm!!).

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