3 More Roughlegs and Great Goshawk Pics

As expected today was very slow,but not without a few good birds. Unexpectedly,we saw 3 dark-morph Roughlegged Hawks. 2 flew by together. Another flew by on its own later. Ann and Carol went down to the park in the afternoon and saw the "local" Goshawk go by quickly. Ever at the ready,Ann got these 2 great shots.In total we saw only 5 countable birds between 10am and 1pm.
2-Redtailed Hawk
3-Roughlegged Hawk
Keep an eye on Friday,conditions are looking great! If the rain comes Thursday and the predicted good north element winds come Friday,I expect more Redtails and some Roughlegs and Golden Eagles. Fingers crossed!

I was talking to a local resident who lives just a few houses outside Rosetta. 3 nights ago she saw an Oppossum eating seed spilled from her bird feeders. There was a Raccoon there too and when the Possum snarled at the Coon,the Coon didnt flinch and carried on eating. They ate together without incident. She described perfectly an Oppossum and said she had to look it up as she could hardly believe her eyes,and REALLY hoped that it wasnt a rat! Id never heard of Possums this far to the east of Toronto. Usually reports Ive heard have been from the west end of the city. Something else to keep any eye out for at Rosetta McClain Gardens!

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