Friday and Saturday

Friday and Saturday both have potential to be good days for raptor movement. This time of year,its the big birds that are moving,so they move on north winds. The stronger winds bother them less. They care less about inclimate weather. Those gathered were surprised to see Redtails,Roughlegs and Golden Eagles moving during the sleet and snow last week. This means as watchers,we have to suffer through such conditions if we want to see spectacular birds like Golden Eagles and Roughlegs. Saturday looks better than Friday right now weather wise,so them that are "weather fairies" should plan on Saturday. DRESS VERY WARM,it will be terribly cold with very strong North winds on either day. Dont forget your feet..they'll get cold. There are no bathrooms open any longer. Plan your day according to your personal cold tollerance. Golden Eagles are likely to appear after 2pm,having said that who knows...dont blame me if you miss them.So far we have had a fantastic count of Roughlegged Hawks and with a big day or 2,we may achieve our Redtailed Hawk record. Our best season of Golden Eagles is 11 and we have currently seen 7 so that isnt out of the question. Next week looks like there will be few if any good raptor days. This could mean the first day that there is another cold night and north element wind,we could get the big final push day. Watch for that around Nov 10th. From there on it will slow down considerably.

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