72 Raptors...4 Golden Eagles

Todays conditions were not as good as hoped for.Winds were lighter than predicted earlier in the week. That said,we had a great day anyway. About noon things started to happen. We finally got some cloud and the birds came...we dont believe we were missing many birds up to that point,though with the height of some of them its entirely possible. Mike 2 picked up a bird that led us to a small kettle of Turkey Vultures. Redtailed Hawks were circling high in the clouds. A few Red-shouldered Hawks passed among the Redtails. We saw a few Roughlegged Hawks,one which came very low above us,taking us by surprise as we struggled to locate a tundrius Peregrine Falcon Jean was watching.
2 juvenile Golden Eagles put on a lovely show,circling together above us. They seemed to interact at one point,before circling further on again. For all gathered this was a terrific sighting. Below is my shot of one of them.

Mike Zidino sent us this more close-up shot..thanks Mike 3. For Mary and Cori,this was a life bird! All 4 Golden Eagles we saw were juvenile.

Mike 3 also sent this shot of a passing Coopers Hawk.

As we thought of wrapping things up,we had a Bald Eagle...age undetermined pass over at 4pm. Walter caught it behind us already. All considered a great day,for them that hung in through a slow beginning. Our final totals were:
9-Turkey Vultures
1-Bald Eagle(4pm)
2-Northern Harrier
2-Coopers Hawk
3-Redshouldered Hawk
43-Redtailed Hawk
7-Roughlegged Hawk
4-Golden Eagle(2 juveniles 1220pm, juvenile 1255pm,juvenile 133pm)
1-Peregrine Falcon
72-Total Raptors
Also seen today were many Long-tailed Ducks on the lake,several Pine Siskins passing and perched,3 Northern Shrike and 4,first of season White-winged Crossbills. The Crossbills were another life bird for several of the watchers. Thanks to Mary,for snacks,Tim for making a coffee run and Betty for the hot chocolate. Everything keeps us going on frosty days! Thanks to everyone for their keen spotting of high birds. Contributions by everyone really add to the enjoyment of everybody gathered.

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