Sept 15th...Disappointing Day 75 Raptors...YTD...1470

No way around it today was a disappointment. Folks expected so much more than what we saw. From counts elsewhere the birds flew inland and we just plain couldnt see them. Broadwinged Hawks just dont generally follow the shoreline closely enough to come within our range to the north. That said, is it really that bad a day when one sees a Bald Eagle, Osprey, Peregrine Falcon and a selection of other raptors?
     Today Gunner, Tony, Sheldon, Theresa, Theresa 2, Carol, Carol 2, Berle, Peter, Gary, Patty, Lee, Cori, Cathy, Lorne, Bob, Tom, Norm, Sam, Paul, Ray, Allison, Brad, Mikes 2,3 and 4 all joined us to impatiently wait for today's raptors which included:
1-Bald Eagle (juvenile 10:35am (4th this season at 1030am)
8-Northern Harrier
45-Sharpshinned Hawk
6-Broadwinged Hawk
5-Redtailed Hawk
8-American Kestrel
75-Total Raptors

A Peregrine Falcon went west then came back to the east. We are hoping for an ID but we may not have gotton a clear enough shot. I got just one shot and Mike 4 got a few. In them I could clearly see red coloured tape over the US Fish and Wildlife band. That means it is not Ben who we saw last Saturday. Fellow raptor watcher and Canadian Peregrine Foundation volunteer Ann Brokelman photographed a juvenile Peregrine named Panagiotis(Paul)  at Rouge Beach a few weeks back, he had blue tape,so it isnt him. The field is narrowed as this is a female Peregrine. It could be one of only 3. Candidates include Journey - Toronto Sheraton, Amora - Duncan Mills Rd(Harelquin nest) or  Aphrodite  of the18 King St nest, but further investigation will need to be done. Thanks to Mike for the images.

Sharpshinned Hawk adult
The next decent day looks like Wednesday right now.

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