Southwest Winds Bring Peregrines...45 Raptors...YTD...1705

Today was a very blustery day. Some may think that in strong winds birds wont fly. Thats not true, infact Peregrines and Osprey as well as Northern Harriers dont mind strong winds at all. Southwest winds often bring Osprey and Peregrine Falcons this time of year.  They go right along the bluffs where they get a lift from the southwest winds blowing off the side of the bluff. Today Walter and I, along with Norm, Ron, Terry 2 and Larry(welcome Larry) saw 8 Peregrine Falcons over the course of the day. Several were adult birds, which would be from the north, as adult, city Peregrines DO NOT migrate. There were also several juvenile Peregrines, which could be northern juveniles or southern Ontario wanderers from this season.

Peregrine Falcon photos courtesy BIGFRANK

All birds were low today, including several Turkey Vultures. The photos are of 3 locals(not counted). It would appear the first of the migrating Turkey Vultures have started, leading up to the large numbers that come in around Thanksgiving. (we get a large number Oct 1).
Turkey Vulture Photos courtesy BIGFRANK

Todays final total was 45 birds, which were:
10-Turkey Vultures
1-Northern Harrier
13-Sharpshinned Hawks
7-American Kestrels
8-Peregrine Falcons
45-Total Raptors
Osprey Photo courtesy BIGFRANK
Turkey Vulture photo courtesy BIGFRANK 

Of note today we saw a flock of Red-breasted Mergansers fly over the park as well as 2 Mute Swans. Many Blue Jays were still being seen too. Tomorrow looks better than expected, Sunday and Monday are days to keep an eye on. Dont be afraid to bring some warm clothes, you can always take off a layer. Being cold at the watch is no fun. For those that drive, throw a less loved sweater in the car and just leave it there.

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