A Few More Birds..13 Raptors...YTD...1518

Today was predictably slow, after Walter and I left, Betty and Cori added one Sharpie to the count. We did get nice views of a Northern Harrier. Another low Osprey provided a good view for us. Blue Jays continued to move and several Kinglets were seen today. A few House Finch landed atop the Spruce trees. Todays final count was:

Osprey - 1
Northern Harrier - 2
Sharprhisned Hawk -10
 Total Raptors - 13

Theresa, Carol, Berle, Cori and sister Ann, and Betty joined in the watch today with Walter and I. Terry 2 reports that there are many Turkey Vultures staging in the north. We love to hear this and hope they come by Rosetta in early October.

The local Redtailed Hawk also gave a good view today.
Keep an eye on Wednesday and Sunday. They have a chance to be good days.

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