Racing The Storm 189 Raptors...YTD...1395

Today Walter and I arrived to Rosetta McClain Gardens early, hoping that the predicted rain would either hold off or never arrive. Things started off slowly and then raptors began racing the storm. They began coming rapid fire. By now Peter, Berle, and Richard had joined Walter and I. Kestrels and Sharpshinned Hawks were going by very low over the park, over the lake and over Kingston Rd. It was a real flurry. 4 Broadwinged Hawks, some Northern Harriers and more Sharpshinned Hawks and Kestrels. Finally at 11:38am 2 juvenile Bald Eagles went by together. It was very hectic, as we called bird after bird out. As Cori and Patty arrived so did the rains. With no sign the rain would let up, we called it a day. Hopefully the flurries of raptors are a sign of things to come tomorrow.
Todays count was:
6-Turkey Vulture
2-Bald Eagle (one juvenile and one adult 11:38am)
6-Northern Harrier
105-Sharpshinned Hawk
4-Broadwinged Hawk
1-Redtailed Hawk
62-American Kestrel
189-Total Raptors
Northern Harrier and Bald Eagle


Tyler said...

Sounds like the rush flight I had here at Bessborough Park. Except it was almost all Broad-wings. I even had a kettle of 5 come though after the downpour started. They dropped into the adjacent valley quickly.
73 BWHA, 3 SSHA, 2 RTHA, and 1 AMKE.
Looking forward to see what all the counts get.

BIGFRANK said...

In general the Broadwings dont get right to the lake. Each year we get decent numbers of low Broadwings but not the volume of other sites. Our view north is limited so we dont get the distant ones. Tomorrow should be a great day.

Anonymous said...

How about Sunday's weather? I'm planning to come down in the morning. I "heard" there was 6 Hummingbirds last Sunday!


BIGFRANK said...

There was one co-operative Hummingbird yesterday. A few moved through the park. Sundays forecast says 10 SW which means very few raptors. Remember NORTHWEST is BEST. This time of year that holds for all migrants. We will probably get an early flight of raptors, leftover from the day before and then things will die down by 10am. If there are hummingbirds in the park Saturday they will likely be there Sunday.

Richard said...

it was 1 juvenile and 1 adult bald eagle. the white on the tail and head were present in 1 of my pictures.

BIGFRANK said...

Thanks for the correction Richard. Will adjust the post later this evening.