Special Report: Peregrine Photographed at Sundays Watch ID'd

On Sunday Sept 9th, my friends and fellow fledge watchers/barn helpers at the Canadian Peregrine Foundation, Angie and Rob visited Rosetta McClain Raptor Watch. As luck had it, a young Peregrine Falcon landed in the park in a bare tree at Rosetta McClain Gardens. Rob was able to get a good enough photo for us to figure out the band number and with a check done at CPF head office, we confirmed that it is Ben from the ICICI Building, one of the new nests in Toronto at Don Mills and Eglinton. Ben was banded after he fledged. His brother Len was also. Both came to the ground,very near the highway.

Mark Nash was in Waterloo Ontario at a watch there at the Sunlife Building(me too) when the call came in that there was a new nest and 2 Peregrine chicks needed rescue. Mark contacted Kathy Smith, who arrived,rescued both chicks and contacted the Ministry of Natural Resources who met us at CPF Raptor Centre where both Ben and his brother Len were banded. Ben is banded black R over black 45(letters and numbers are white), with yellow tape over his US Fish and Wildlife band. Watchers responsible for looking after Ben were thrilled to hear he is alive and well.

Thanks to Rob Mueller for use of his wonderful photos! Thanks to the CPF head office team for the ID.

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Walter Fisher said...

Great news that the office was able to ID this beautiful bird.