27 Raptors....YTD...1206 Watch Saturdays Weather!

Today the winds were abit stronger,though still from the wrong direction for a large flight. Still, Walter,Cori, Phil and I tallied 27 raptors, predominantly Sharp-shinned Hawks.
Todays birds were:
2-Northern Harrier
24-Sharpshinned Hawks
1-American Kestrel

27-Total Raptors

Of note, Blue Jays have started to migrate. Walter and I observed a flight of several hundred. Thousands will likely fly on Saturday, if the predicted no rain and NW winds holds true. We also saw an Eastern Cottontail Rabbit, a 5 Spotted Hawk Moth(grows from Tobacco Horned Worm) and Walter saw a Red-bellied Woodpecker fly by. For those looking for Hummingbirds, if they were there, they werent co-operating with photographers. Thanks to Paul Reeves for the Sharpshinned Hawk(top) and American Kestrel photo(2nd)  The Blue Jay in flight is my own photo.

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