4 More Birds....YTD...1179

Walter sent this report along to me.
     Phil, Ray and I were at the park until 12:00 PM today and saw 2 Sharpies and 2 Kestrels migrating overhead. The local Sharpie and one of the Kestrels had a real good battle going on over the east side of the park which lasted about 15 minutes. Ray joined us today for the first time after reading the RMGRW Blog, hopefully he'll return on a busier day in the upcoming weeks.

     Thanks Walter. I'll be over tomorrow hoping for the best. Tomorrows strong SW might move some Sharpies.  There are a few NW winds predicted soon, so it will be interesting to watch the weather forecast.


Daniel LaFrance said...

How are this years numbers compared to last years at this time?

BIGFRANK said...

Will slap that comparison up on next slow day Daniel. Right now we are a few days ahead of last years count, but with this spell of hot humid weather again, the totals will even out. Its very likely we have seen the bulk of the Broadwings we will see...right now over 400 less than last season. That is purely dependant on the wind and nothing to do with a population decline.