Watch the Weather Thurs and Fri!!

Keep your eyes on Thursday as a possible very large raptor migration day. Friday also looks great right now! With todays rain,and rain off and on tomorrow,with 25kmh NW winds predicted for Thursday we may get a huge day. Lets hope there are birds in the pipeline and that they read the weather reports. If the strong predicted winds happen birds will be many and low. Dress very warm!!!
Today was pretty much a washout. I arrived with hopes of a decent day,when it began to rain. The only birds seen today were 2 Northern Harriers. One was an adult male,the first I have seen this migration season. They look very different from females and young. Males have a grey/blue back,with alot of light colour on the underwings. The wingtips look like they are dipped in ink. Watch for more now,they do fly at a different time of season and this is it.

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