Slow Day...16 Raptors

Black-Capped Chickadee

Juvenile Redtailed Hawk soaring above us.

Sharpshinned Hawk
Today was a good day to socialize. Bruce,Walter,Don P,Tim,Hugh,Sheldon,Cori,Ann,Carol,Pat,Nancy and welcome Randy a first time visitor,all enjoyed a fun day of chatting and bopping around the park to look at other things. The kids from Cliffside were back today,enjoying a beautiful day and researching a bird each for an assignment they are doing. Some birds were seen,including a few Peregrine Falcons,low Turkey Vultures and our local Redtail. Thousands of Chickadees have been migrating past in the last 2 days,some buzzing right by our heads as we stand bluffside. The final total of just 16 raptors brought us over 4900 and was made up of:
5-Turkey Vulture
6-Sharpshinned Hawk
1-American Kestrel
3-Peregrine Falcon
Tomorrow looks like we should see some birds,with a 15kmh North wind predicted. Right now it seems a little hit and miss. Next week,watch Wednesday and Friday.

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