102 Raptors Another Goshawk

Today started off with a great upflight of Turkey Vultures. Walter and I were surprised when 45 Turkey Vultures appeared low on the horizon. It appears they must have spent the night along the bluffs somewhere. They circled over the park very low. By 10am we had seen 66 of the 101 raptors. Mike was recording the birds again today,while myself,Les,Walter,Trudy,Cori,Gunner,Lans,Betty,Hugh,Norm and Connie did our best to spot some birds. We enjoyed good views of 2 Bald Eagles,both juvenile birds.
Todays total of 102 raptors consisted of:
48-Turkey Vultures
2-Bald Eagles(both juveniles 1058am and 229pm)
6-Northern Harrier
26-Sharpshinned Hawk
2-Coopers Hawk
1-Northern Goshawk
1-Broadwinged Hawk
9-Redtailed Hawk
2-American Kestrel
3-Peregrine Falcon
Tomorrow I suspect the birds will be high again. Northeast winds are predicted...the east part sends the birds higher. Conditions look good right through the week,the stronger the winds the better and Northwest is best.We saw many Common Loons and Gunner saw an Eastern Towhee.

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