125 Raptors...Year To Date....4637

Walter and I scan the sky for birds.
(courtesy Trudy Panchyson)

Birds were high most of the day,so scanning was necessary. High Sharpshinned Hawks made the morning challanging. Threat of and then rain made the sky empty. All but 5 of the birds seen were before 1pm.

The sunrise was beautiful and it was clear in the morning. Ann got this view of Niagara Falls. The cloud rising from the horizon is the mist of Niagara Falls.

It is prime time for Peregrine Falcons and today we had sightings of 7. This brings our season total to 52 and counting. Early in the morning Walter and I saw one that flew straight across Lake Ontario.
This is yesterdays Northern Goshawk,by Ann. It was very easily recognizable when it came from behind the ridge of trees along the bluffs. I immediately said "We have our first Goshawk of the season.
Ann got some nice shots of small birds today,while lighting for raptors and the height of them,for photos wasnt very good.
Here is a Northern Parula a first for Ann.

There were a large number of Golden-crowned Kinglets around too.
Ann sent this shot of The Lancaster Bomber. I heard the distinctive hum of the Lanc's 4 Merlin engines coming from behind us and immediately knew which plane it was.

Trudy sent this great shot of The Lancaster Bomber. You can see the guns on the front,middle and tail of the plane.Thanks to Trudy for her first contributions to the site. I hope the first of many!
Todays numbers were not bad at all.
Bald Eagle...................1(2nd year bird 1110am)
Northern Harrier........8
Sharpshinned Hawk..96
Coopers Hawk..............3
Broadwinged Hawk......1
Redtailed Hawk...........1
American Kestrel.........8
Peregrine Falcon.........7
Total Raptors...........125
Thanks to everyone who helped spot today,Ann,Lee,Ron,Trudy,Betty,Pat and Cori. Much thanks to Cori for the Tim's run again today. It keeps Walter and I going. Special thanks also to Lans for coffee today. After a long day yesterday,Walter and I really appreciated it(as we do always,the great treatment we get from the Rosetta staff). We do pass on comments to staff and management that "our watchers" make about the beauty and cleanliness of the park. The compliments are appreciated and accepted with pride. Without the friendship and co-operation of the staff,things wouldnt go as well as they do...or maybe not at all.

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