130 Raptors...More Was Expected

While todays total of 128 raptors was good,more had been expected. We just didnt get a big flight of Turkey Vultures at Rosetta,if they were flying,they were north of us.We were able to spot many low birds,including 3 more Peregrine Falcons(one pictured above and another shot below).

Below is an American Kestrel carrying its dragonfly meal. We were surprised to see so many Green Darners flying today. The hot weather must have brought them out. We also observed several species of common butterflies,including Monarch,Red Admiral,Cabbage White,Yellow Sulphur and a Mourning Cloak.

Those gathered also saw several Sharpshinned Hawks. Todays low birds offered a few new visitors beautiful views.

One of only 33 Turkey Vultures seen today. 17 kettled t0gether,giving us early hopes for more!

Few Redtailed Hawks were observed...only 2 infact.

The local Coopers Hawk sat in a nearby tree for photos.

One of the most interesting sightings of the day came after abit of a lull,when a Northern Goshawk and a Peregrine Falcon went through together. It seemed that the Peregrine took a run at the Goshawk. This pairing surprised us.
Thanks to Don P,Tim,Murray,Carol,Ann(on lunch),Pat,Nancy,Bruce,Mike 2,Uwe visiting from German,Lee and a few other visitors whose names I didnt get for their help spotting. Tomorrow we should see a few raptors,with good west winds most seen should be low. Saturday looks like the next chance for a big day.
Todays total of 130 raptors was
33-Turkey Vulture
3-Bald Eagles(juveniles @ 138pm,158pm and 215pm)
8-Northern Harrier
49-Sharpshinned Hawk
2-Coopers Hawk
2-Northern Goshawk
2-Redtailed Hawk
20-American Kestrel(season total over 700 now)
3-Peregrine Falcon
Year to Date Total 4885

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