Aug 28th 13 Raptors On A Blustery Day

It seemed more like an October day,then an end of August day. It was windy and overcast. Walter,Ann,Carol,Beryl,Lee,Dave and Colin(Niloc) joined me today,on a day when several birds literally blew by very quickly. I did manage a decent silhouette shot of an Osprey and a Redtailed Hawk that landed atop a tree and rested for 10minutes or so before carrying on.
Todays totals were:
1-Bald Eagle(adult..2:25pm)
3-Sharpshinned Hawks
1-Coopers Hawk
2-Redtailed Hawks
2-American Kestrels
13-Total Raptors
Sunday and Monday both have a chance to be great days for raptors. Watch for those Northwest winds,keeping in mind it is still August. We have had great turnouts which really makes the watch even more enjoyable.

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