Aug 26 Best Day In August Ever...71 Raptors 5 Bald Eagles

Walter and I met at about 715am shortly before it began to rain. It finally stopped for about the 3rd time around 10am. Shortly after,the sky cleared and the birds started to come. Again northwest winds brought out many watchers who all enjoyed some of the days record 71raptors. Gunner,Beryl,Lee,Dave,Peter and Murray all joined Walter and I . Everyone really enjoyed the day. We saw 5 Bald Eagles,which were definetly the highlight of the day. 2 came through together,both juveniles. At 1:10pm an adult Bald Eagle flew by close enough to view it naked eye,later at 2:35pm another adult Bald Eagle went over the park.

Not the best shot but its all I could do. We added 7 Osprey to our seasons tally. Remarkably we saw 11 out of 11 species that could normally be expected to be seen this time of year. We saw:
10-Turkey Vultures
5-Bald Eagles(Juveniles at 12:40pm and 2 at 1:25pm,Adults at 1:10pm and 2:35pm)
3-Northern Harriers
11-Sharpshinned Hawks
1-Coopers Hawk(plus the local)
12-Broadwinged Hawks
8-Redtailed Hawks
12-American Kestrels
1-Peregrine Falcon
This total has been updated to reflect 8 Turkey Vultures Carol saw, after I left. Too many records fell today for me to keep track of. In my month end summary I will make note of them all. The seasons total is now 150. We are off to a great start. Thanks to everyone for their spotting help and commraderie.

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