August 23 And So It Really Begins 42 Raptors

Today was the first day in August with a good North wind and not alot of heat,so this brought both birders and birds. Walter,Carol,Ann,Colin,Peter,Frank,Alice and I enjoyed a terrific day. Highlights included a nice look at an early Broadwinged Hawk,an American Kestrel that landed in a Pine Tree while alarm calling,before carrying on and an Osprey being harrassed by 2 Sharpshinned Hawks. There were more Monarch Butterflys the we have seen this season so far,hundreds/thousands maybe of Dragonflies filling the air and well over 100 Chimney Swifts. The Swifts were moving west to east which seemed strange,if anyone knows if they migrate different then most birds please let me know.

Todays Totals

1-Turkey Vulture


2-Northern Harriers

4-Sharpshinned Hawk

1-Coppers Hawk

3-Broadwinged Hawks

16-Redtailed Hawks

6-American Kestrels

2-Peregrine Falcons

42-Total Raptors

This brings the season total to 67

Keep your eyes on the weather reports and watch for those North element winds.

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