Aug 24 and 25 Some Nice Birds

Over the past couple of days,things have slowed down,but there have been some great birds. On the 24th,7 raptors were seen,including 3 Osprey. Today,Walter and I saw 3 different Peregrines,2 were males..different ones for sure because one had a feather missing from its tail. Today at 12:30pm we had our first Bald Eagle of the season,a juvenile which flew east to west. At 12:51pm the same bird flew past going west to east. Birds seen over the 2 days were:
1-Bald Eagle
3-Northern Harriers
1-Sharpshinned Hawk
1-Redtailed Hawk
3-Peregrine Falcons

This brings the season total to 79. The next 2 days have potential to be good days for August,again I remind folks August is slow,so a good day in August is something around 20 BOPS. Watch for a north component in the wind.
I invite everyone who wants to follow things even closer to join us on the Rosetta McClain Gardens Discussion Board. There we discuss everything thats being seen. With fall migration underway,the board will be more active again. Please join in and let us know what you are seeing,animals,bugs or birds. The link is to the right side of this page.

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