Oct 3 All In The Upflight 316 Raptors...YTD..2288

Today,most of our total was in the "upflight". By 11am we'd seen almost all of the 199 Turkey Vultures seen today. Ann called excitedly early in the day saying she was following a group of vultures down Kingston Rd. Walter went up to the gates of the gardens and watched in the distance,able to see most of them. The remainder of the day brought mainly Sharpies and Kestrels. Late in the day 4 Crows attacked a juvenile Redtailed Hawk. A good group of watchers enjoyed the day,despite some cold weather. Thanks to Mary,Peter,Ann,Lee,Carol,Berle,Walter,Mark,Andrew,Bruce and Gunner for adding to the day.The 316 raptors was made up of:

199-Turkey Vultures


4-Northern Harriers

66-Sharpshinned Hawks

5-Coopers Hawks

2-Redtailed Hawks

33-American Kestrels


3-Peregrine Falcons

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