Sept29th Good Views 21 Birds

Walter manned the watch today..many thanks to him for that. The following is his report.

I was at Rosetta from 8 until 5 today and although a slow day, not all was lost. With much help from Berle, Lee (2 visits), and Peter (they spotted most big birds today!), the following was seen:

Total Birds - 21

OS - 5
BE - 2 (12:45 PM - Juvenile) (4:06 PM - Juvenile)
NH - 1
SS - 10
AK - 1
PG - 2

Notes: Both Eagles flew by close to the bluffs and didn't circle until they got down around the end of Birchmount or so . Both Peregrines were out over the water but not too high up and with today's poor lighting conditions, made it good for viewing of the field markings.


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