Oct 1 Good Start To New Month Day Count 145

Today,Walter,Ron,Peter,Ann,Carol,Keith and myself had a great day. 3 Osprey pushed our season total to 90..Im hoping to see 100 for the first time. We saw 10 of the 15 raptors normally seen in southern Ontario today,including all 3 falcon species and Bald Eagle. Close views of Northern Harriers were enjoyed. A small kettle of 11 Turkey Vultures has us dreaming of more when their migration hits prime time. Todays final total was:

22-Turkey Vultures


1-Bald Eagle(343pm)

5-Northern Harriers

60-Sharpshinned Hawks

4-Coopers Hawks

3-Redtailed Hawks

41-American Kestrels


4-Peregrine Falcons

Depending on the rain tomorrow(if any) there could be another good movement of birds. An upflight will probably take place(a number of early birds,that stayed the night nearby).

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