Oct 2 Vulturama 283 Raptors..YTD...1972

Today a steady stream of watchers including Walter,Gunner,Mark,Terry,Lee,Chris,Berle,Carol and Peter enjoyed a steady stream of birds! Early in the day Sharpies dominated the count. Upon Mark's midday arrival the seasons first Red-shouldered Hawk went through. It was low and very close. I could see the field marks without binoculars,it was a beautiful bird,and one of the best views Ive ever had of one. Close views of Osprey and the seasons first adult male Northern Harrier were other highlights. Sometime after 1pm(pre2pm) Gunner called out that he saw a Turkey Vulture,then excitedly called out "hey guys there is a whole kettle!" There was 45 birds in that group..so the Vulturama began. Following close behind that group was another of 55 and then 6 stragglers. The next hour saw 72 Turkey Vultures. Despite a few short periods of rain,and ever changing fall sky,our final total of 283 raptors consisted of:

191-Turkey Vultures


3-Northern Harriers

68-Sharpshinned Hawks

4-Coopers Hawks

1-Red-shouldered Hawk

9-American Kestrels


2-Peregrine Falcons

Tomorrow looks like another great day for raptor movement. I suspect it will again be a large afternoon movement. Dress warm if you join us,U can always take off clothes...if U dont wear enough,and are cold its very uncomfortable and no fun.

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