Oct 4 Some Great Views 77 Raptors..YTD...2365

Saturday,the winds were better then predicted,but it appears many of the vultures went too far north for us to view. We did see one group of 29,followed closely by an immature Bald Eagle at 2:15pm. An Osprey,which has been around the bluffs area for a few days gave all gathered quite a thrill as it came in from over the lake,and flew no more then 20ft directly above our heads. As Ann tried to get shots(that likely would have been of its eyes it was so close) she said "Im stuck!". We all took this to mean her camera was somehow jammed or maybe for her big lens the bird was too close. "Im still stuck" she said. Only later did we learn,that she was caught on the fence by the arm and couldnt get her jacket free so as to move and track the bird.

We had our first Northern Goshawk of the season,which went by very close and fast. It was a beauty. A juvenile.

2 more Red-shouldered Hawks were seen as well,one quite well at first,the other at a distance. We were lucky to see all 3 falcon species today again too. Also of note,Sharlene and Billy(park staff) reported that a Coopers Hawk caught a pigeon near the parking lot. Theyve been trying to discourage feeding of the flying rats in the gardens,maybe this will help.

Our total of 77 raptors was made up of:

29-Turkey Vultures

2-Osprey(bringing us to 99...my goal is 100 for the first season)

2-Bald Eagles

26-Sharpshinned Hawks

3-Coopers Hawks

1-Northern Goshawk

2-Red-shouldered Hawks

2-Redtailed Hawks

8-American Kestrels


1-Peregrine Falcon

Monday looks like it could be a good day for a decent movement of raptors,with a Northeast wind and Tuesday will either be a hit or miss. With east winds expected,this time of year they could bring a big Peregrine Falcon count. Last season we saw 18 in one day on such a day.

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