Oct 5 100th Osprey Seen Day Total 50

Today was slow,but not without highlights. Berle,Ann,Les,Mike,Andrew,Peter,tall Peter,Harold,Bonnie and I saw a total of 50 raptors. A somewhat distant though very recognizable Osprey,was the 100th of the season,a height not reached before! 2 Bald Eagles were seen,one going through high the other surprising us going through very low west to east,right along the bluffs below us. The latter was at 12:35pm,an eagle went through east to west at 1:10pm,which I considered to be the same one.


2-Bald Eagles

34-Sharpshinned Hawks

1-Coopers Hawk

1-Redtailed Hawk

11-American Kestrel

Tommorrow looks great for a good movement of raptors. Note some may be high due to the east element in the NorthEast wind.

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