******Peregrine #100******

While today was wet and not terribly productive, Berle and I did see Peregrine Falcon number 100. That is quite a milestone!! As most of you know I am very involved with the activities of the Canadian Peregrine Foundation. For me its an amazing achievement to see 100 Peregrine Falcons in migration. 40 years ago some people could only dream of seeing a Peregrine Falcon in their lifetime. While a number of these birds are northern migrants, just from band numbers we have recovered at the watch over the years, we know we are seeing not only local juveniles but birds from other parts of North America(several US states). While this shows a strong recovery by the species as does the yearly increasing number of nests that The Canadian Peregrine Foundation monitors, its not time to consider the job finished. On going monitoring of the health of the Peregrine population and education about what has happened in the past as well as informing people of new threats is still a very important job. I invite everyone to check out CPFs website www.peregrine-foundation.ca to see whats going on currently and whats to come. On facebook there is a site devouted to CPFs educational birds.(search Canadian Peregrine Foundation on facebook). I hope more of the Rosetta McClain Raptor Watchers will take part in the Fledge Watches in 2013. The Peregrines need your help!

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