29 Raptors...YTD...6497...Bald and Golden Eagles

Sandy shamndy...todays cold strong winds didnt bring rain until after 1pm. By then we had seen 29 raptors. Myself, Cori, Hugh, Peter and Terry2 were teeth chatteringly present to enjoy some good birds.
  Among 9 Northern Harriers was one beautiful adult male. 2 Northern Goshawks were seen today too. Several Redtailed Hawks, of which at least 4 different birds landed in a bluffside Poplar tree.

At 9:55am, endurance had its reward, a juvenile Golden Eagle. It circled briefly before continuing on its way. At 11:42am, Cori and I were treated to an immature Bald Eagle.

Todays final total was a cool 29
1-Bald Eagle(11:42am juv)
9-Northern Harriers
3-Sharpshinned Hawks
2-Northern Goshawks
12-Redtailed Hawks
1-Golden Eagle
1-Merlin(#100 on the season)
29- Total Raptors

House Finches(above) and Purple Finch(below) 
Pine Siskin(below)
We saw many small birds migrating too, including Pine Siskins, House Finch, Purple Finch and a few more White-winged Crossbills.
A very special treat was 4 White-tailed Deer that went through the park. They couldnt figure out at first how to exit the park, but some quick thinking lady who saw the deer heading for the Kingston Rd exit sort of steered them towards the southeast corner of the park instead, where they were able to easily jump the fence and continue along the top of the bluffs without the danger of traffic.
3 Deer and a bum. 
Beautiful White-tailed Deer 
Young Deer
Everyone tie on to something heavy...Im available at a price!! Batten down the hatches and keep flashlights handy, its gonna be a bumpy ride for a day at least. Remember to check on friends who could need a hand and most of all my friends stay safe and dry!!  See you when the rain stops. Continue to watch Friday!!


Terry2 said...

I'm still cold! Dress warm. The bluffs are freezing!

Walter Fisher said...

Wow, what a wonderful couple of hours you folks had at the Watch today! Only 93 more birds to break our 'Month' record, can we do it? Only Sandy knows the answer!!!