13 Raptors Plus one..YTD...6468... White-winged Crossbills In Park

Before the rain came we saw a small movement of rapors. Most were likely close by to start the day.
  Walter, Ron, Jean, Mike 3, Phil and I saw a few good birds. We had 4 Red-shouldered Hawks to add to our record number this season. 2 Roughlegged Hawks were seen. Mike sent confirmation photos of one which we werent sure of and another at a different time. Consensus is there are more Roughies and Shoulders to come if we get a good stretch of weather. A Northern Goshawk went by low and close for Phil and Ron. In all we had 13 raptors today and one to add which was errantly not recorded. A Peregrine seen on Friday went unrecorded though we have photo proof(thanks Patty) that one went by. Ive added it today.
Todays total of 13 com 14 birds was:
1-Northern Harrier
1-Coopers Hawk
1-Northern Goshawk
4-Redshouldered Hawks
4-Redtailed Hawks
2-Roughlegged Hawk
1-Peregrine Falcon(owed from Friday)
14-Total Birds

Ive added a couple of my poor shots just to show that the White-winged Crossbills really did land in the park. In total we had about 200 go by, with several flocks landing briefly in the parks many coniferous trees. A Common Redpoll was seen today, the first of the season at Rosetta. A number of Common Loons flew over the park, as well as a tight group of 5 Loons that flew by in formation, which we couldnt get an ID on unfortunately. Many kinglets and Northern Juncos as well as Chickadees were on the move too. We hope for a few breaks in the rain in the coming week to see a few birds. Keep an eye on Friday, right now there is no rain scheduled and a good healthy NW wind. If there are birds close enough, it could be a big day. Again at this stage other than to see migration of small birds, there is no reason to rush to the park, the migrating raptors are unlikely to start up until 10am ish. Remember it will be very cold most days now, especially standing/sitting around at the bluffs for hours...DRESS REALLY WARM!! If there are reasonable periods of time without rain in the coming days we will likely give it a go for the duration of the dry weather.

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