9 Raptors..YTD..6506...Some Storm Damage

The morning after the night before, brought a nice sunrise and to the relief of many the "Frankenstorm" really wasnt much of anything locally. Sadly it did damage some trees the parks Screech Owls often used. (FYI none have been seen so far this fall)

We all knew more rain was on the way, but couldnt resist seeing what hawks may come by or small birds or birds over/on the lake. Ron, Colin, Carol, Peter, Walter and I had varying degrees of success.
By the end of the day(around 2pm for Walter and I) we had seen 9 raptors:
1-Turkey Vulture
2-Northern Harriers
1-Sharpshinned Hawk
2-Redshouldered Hawks(now 41 on the season)
3-Redtailed Hawks
9-Total Raptors

White-winged Crossbills again landed briefly in the park.
Im determined to get a decent picture of one...this wasnt it.
Thursday through Saturday are good days to watch the weather, as it looks like it will be right for migration. This time of year the more inclimate the weather the more likely to see the big northern birds. DRESS VERY WARM!!  Tomorrow there shouldnt be much in the way of rain, but the winds seem wrong. I will be present to see what goes by...there could be some surprises.

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Terry2 said...

Please add me to the "also Beryl was there" group! Terry2 Cold and hungry! LOL