Turkey Vultures On The Move/Common Raven Seen..225 Raptors...YTD...3308

Today was the first decent movement of Turkey Vultures seen from Rosetta McClain Gardens. We counted 126 in all, one large kettle of almost 50 was seen getting together behind us once 2 groups had been counted.  Im sure stronger winds would have brought us more. A few of my vulture shots are below.

Small section of the kettle of TVs. 
A local displaying Coopers Hawk put on a show and confused watchers momentarily as it was flapping oddly. One of our locals landed in a tree in the park, as captured by Ann Brokelman. Thanks Ann. 
Several Redtailed Hawks and another 11 Northern Harriers were counted too.

Todays Birds were:
126-Turkey Vultures
11-Northern Harriers
55-Sharpshinned Hawks
3-Coopers Hawks
16-Redtailed Hawks
9-American Kestrels
225-Total Raptors

Another great sighting was a Common Raven flying along the lakeshore. Local American Crows had been heard calling for some time and I was convinced they were on a raptor. Eventually the Raven flew into view and as it was flying by us a local Crow patrolled to be sure the Raven left the area. That was our first "rarity" of the season. Below is my photo of the Common Raven.
We also saw Purple Finch and a few small flocks of Pine Siskins. We hope for alot more Turkey Vultures in the coming days. The next several days will be very slow, if weather forecasts are correct. My prescence may be limited a few of the days. Reports of what is seen are appreciated. The next days with chances for a decent flight are looking like Friday and Saturday, subject to change, if the winds change(and they probably will). Much thanks to those that made our 2nd Pizza Day of the season possible. Thanks to Norm and Phil for coffees and Bill for Timbits. Thanks to all the gang who helped today, with the challange of high and some distant birds.

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