80 Raptors...YTD...3408...5 More Peregrine Falcons

Today we had some decent wind, that brought 80 more raptors past Rosetta McClain Gardens. The day was mainly overcast and didnt seem as windy as promised, still the west wind provided some good views of many low birds. We had many excellent views of Sharpshinned Hawks and our local Coopers Hawk gave us several decent views for comparison. Pierre and Joanne from near Montreal enjoyed those views as well as great views of Northern Harriers and the Peregrines. We are glad they found us through the internet and hope they enjoy the remainder of their long weekend in the Toronto area. Thanks to Ron, Jean, Terry, Carol, Berle, Ann, Cori, Patty and Arvo for coming down to join Walter and I today.
  We were glad to host a group of U of T ornithology students and their prof Jason Weir. Thanks for coming down to the park and glad we saw at least a few birds. I do hope I was able to pass on some useful information and that the Rouge beach trip was eventful.

A good mix of birds was seen today, including Northern Harriers. Photos by Ann Brokelman and I.

(mine below)

We saw many Sharpshinned Hawks such as this photographed by Ann Brokelman.

I was able to catch these shots of an Osprey, a Redtail and a Peregrine Falcon too.

Our final total was 80 raptors, consisting of:
1-Turkey Vulture
4-Northern Harriers
53-Sharpshinned Hawks
1-Coopers Hawk
1-Redtailed Hawk
9-American Kestrels
5-Peregrine Falcons
80-Total Raptors

Tomorrow  holds some promise for a decent count and low birds. SUNDAY THE WINDS HAVE CHANGED and it DOES NOT look very promising.  

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Lee said...

It's funny because I was talking to someone who was at High Park and they had a pretty good number of Peregrines and Bald Eagles. Maybe we'll have some of them this weekend.