50 Raptors...YTD...3083...First Goshawk of Season

Today more was expected again,but the winds just werent strong enough to blow much down to the lake. We did have a few highlights, seeing a Redtailed Hawk land in a nearby Spruce tree, followed by a local Coopers Hawk diving at it screaming at the Redtail. The Redtail barely flinched as its aggitated foe harrassed it.  We also saw a beautiful juvenile Northern Goshawk, our first of the season. It came low and directly at Walter,Mike 2 and I.  Thanks to everyone for their help spotting and IDing very high raptors. Today re-enforced that NE winds means HIGH birds, especially once later in the day comes.
We managed to see:
13-Turkey Vultures
4-Northern Harriers
22-Sharpshinned Hawks
2-Coopers Hawks
1-Northern Goshawk
3-Redtailed Hawks
1-American Kestrel
4-Peregrine Falcons
50-Total Raptors

Tomorrows west wind should bring some birds, but it wont be a mega day unless as sometimes happens,west winds turn into northwest winds. My suggestion is dont rush to the park, 10am or 11am is early enough to see the bulk of what may come.
  We saw House Finches today, a Common Loon on the lake and several migrating flocks of Canada Geese.

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