Sept 1 A Decent Start To The Month 21 Birds...YTD-266

Today the winds were a little better than expected. Leon, Ann, Donna, Carol, Allison, Patty, Phil and son Josh,  Mike 2, Walter and I watched and hoped for the best. The highlight of the day occured early in the watch today, as a Redtailed Hawk popped up almost right infront of us. As you can see by Ann's photos the juvenile Redtail flew right towards us, before landing in the Maple tree which we so often take cover in the shade of. Thanks to Ann for the inflight shots. The perched shot is my own.
A Peregrine Falcon juvenile that went by at close range and a few close Osprey were other highlights. Ann Brokelman sent along this beautiful shot of the Osprey.
Todays final total of 21 raptors consisted of:
15-Sharpshinned Hawks
1-Redtailed Hawk
2-Peregrine Falcons

(local adult Coopers)
We saw a local Merlin,Kestrel and Coopers Hawk today also. Only a couple of the very large Air Show planes came near the park, pre-2pm before we left. Keep an eye on the weather of Wed/Thurs/Fri. One or all of them could be fairly decent days. Sharpshinned Hawks were seen in pairs today. They are usually siblings. If you see one Sharpie start to circle, be sure look around as often they are waiting for their brother or sister. If it is in straight flight when you first see it, look ahead and behind it to see if their sibling is leading or trailing them(psst sometimes there are even 3).

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