End of August Summary....245 Raptors

August of 2012 was a great month, eventually. Things started off very slowly and ended well. We had our 2nd best August count of raptors ever, narrowly missing our best ever total of 250.
  The 245 raptors consisted of
3-Turkey Vultures
10-Bald Eagles
20-Northern Harriers
43-Sharpshinned Hawks
1-Coopers Hawk
12-Broadwinged Hawks
14-Redtailed Hawks
96-American Kestrels
1--Peregrine Falcon

Many thanks to Walter, Terry, Phil, Betty, Ann, Carol, Berle, Peter, Paul, Colin and Marguarite, plus the many more who helped out and came out in August to get the raptor watch off to such a good start. Sept 1 report will follow this evening.

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Terry said...

Great month Frank! They're coming!