Coming Soon To The Skies Near You

Ann Brokelman was up in Lindsay recently and got some amazing shots to share with us. While the vultures will make their big move in October, Harriers are migrating now and through October. They love to fly in strong winds. I expect we will see a few Harriers tomorrow.

These are some of the fantastic shots Ann got of the Turkey Vultures. I dont know what elevation Ann had for these but they are spectacular!


Walter Fisher said...

Several TVs we're seen flying in the Tottenham, Beeton and Schomberg areas on Sunday by Phil, Peter and myself. One each of OS, BE, BW, RT, AK, ML and PG. As we were standing in the middle of a Sod Farm observing shorebirds, the PG appeared on the horizon coming in at high speed. We watched as it chased an American Golden-Plover and then an Amercian Crow. It left the area still hungry. Very exciting for all who were present.

Anonymous said...

That sure was one of the bestestest things I've ever seen, and I was secretly (and quietly) cheering for the PG.