ID Hints Sharpshinned Hawk vs Coopers Hawk

Hi Gang, I thought you might like to check this page out. It gives a pretty good explanation of how to tell a Sharp-shinned Hawk from a Coopers Hawk. We will be seeing tons of Sharpies soon. Coopers will be mixed in but they split their migration time between Sept and Oct about equally. We see about 25 to one Sharpshins over Coopers. No expert gets it right 100% of the time so never feel badly if you get it wrong, or others disagree.

Please note that Tuesday is still looking like weather should be very good for a decent movement of raptors. The rain today(Monday), followed by the good N or NW wind on Tues is an optimal situation. Being early in the migration season, I dont expect hoards of birds but a good number should move. Fingers crossed!

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