Todays Excitement...Redtail Eats Mouse & Merlin vs Sharpshinned Hawk Smackdown

The local,juvenile Redtailed Hawk landed first in a tree along the bluffs,then flew past Walter and I,to perch in a small Cedar tree. I got a few shots of it there,when I heard the Rosetta McClain Gardens staff fussing over a mouse they had disturbed while turning a part of the gardens. The Redtail lept into flight and I hollered to the workers"The Redtail is coming for it!" With that the young Redtail swooped down only a few feet from amazed staff and snatched the mouse from the ground. He flew into a Spruce tree and ate his meal,before flying off.
Post Meal Pose

Here is a video of the Redtailed Hawk.

Lets Get Ready To Rummmmmble
Merlin vs Sharpshinned Hawk

First a Sharpshinned Hawk came into view,then we all got to see at least a 5minute "dogfight" between a Sharpshinned Hawk and a Merlin. The Merlin was definetly the aggressor,turning and diving repeatedly at the Sharpshin,attacking it from above and behind it most of the time. When the Sharpshinned Hawk became annoyed or saw an opportunity it would turn things around on the Merlin and make an attack of its own. What a great show all gathered witnessed. Thanks to Ann Brokelman,fresh off a birdwatching trek and back home at Rosetta,for these great photos.
The pointed winged bird is the Merlin(top bird) and the Sharpie's wings are rounded.

Here the Sharpshinned Hawk is above the Merlin
And Now The Battle
The Sharpshinned Hawk flips to grab at the Merlin.

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