Lee Ellis Sends Along Her Great Pictures Of The Peregrine Falcon Release

Lee Ellis has kindly allowed the use of these great photos she took of the Peregrine Falcon release on Saturday.
Frank Butson(CPF Volunteer and Hawk Watch Co-ordinator) and Canadian Peregrine Foundation Co-director/Co-founder Mark Nash bring the Peregrine Falcon to be released.
Canadian Peregrine Foundation Co-director Marion Nash opens the box to set the Peregrine free.
At first he doesnt want to leave. Marion tries to coax him out.
And there he goes.
Moment of freedom!
Landing briefly on the fence.
Launching off the fence for the sky.
Off he goes into the wild blue yonder,to patrol the skies again!
What a moment!
Thanks again Lee,Ive no doubt we will get many positive comments about your shots!

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