Slow Day only 6 Raptors

We had only a few raptors today. I was beat so packed it in by 130pm. If anyone was present and saw birds I will add them to the count. Pat spotted a Bald Eagle,which stirred things up at 1210pm.(mostly me I was sorta snoozing on a bench) It was very visible but very high too. Most amusing today was a Crow attacking a Coopers Hawk. It dove many times at the Coopers who while it took evasive action,didnt seem overly bothered by it. Keep an eye on Thursday,it has a chance if it doesnt rain here or east of us too much.
Today we saw:
1-Bald Eagle(juvenile)
1-Northern Harrier
3-Sharpshinned Hawk
1-Coopers Hawk
Tomorrow is another day,lets hope for better

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