45 Raptors ..6 More Peregrine Falcons

Welcome..Please Join Us!
Peter and Walter.

Today started off slow,but in the end we had a very enjoyable day. We had plenty of visitors including Sue and Bruce,Berle,Carol,Ann,Bill,Peter and Walter. Welcome back to Lee.We enjoyed 2 Sharpshinned Hawks playing/attacking each other. We watched a local juvenile Redtailed Hawk come very close to us and circle not far above us. Peregrine Falcons started to come along after noon hour. They are definetly on the move. Ann sent along pictures of today. Todays final count was:
1-Northern Harrier
34-Sharpshinned Hawks
4-American Kestrels
6-Peregrine Falcons

Its going to be hit and miss this coming week. Most days show west winds with some rain(though it isnt amounting to much). If you have time pop over,but there isnt an outstanding day from the looks of things. Keep your eyes peeled for a northwest wind.

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