108 Raptors...Adult Bald Eagle Flys Low

Today the number of birds was abit of a surprise. The winds were better then predicted. Berle,Bill,2 Bruces,Betty,Carol,Tu,Lee,Ann,Sue,Terry,Walter and I had a great time,watching many Sharp-shinned Hawks,a low Broadwinged Hawk,a surprising 8 Merlins(most very close),with the highlight being a very low close adult Bald Eagle at 11:25am(EST). Tu was able to capture some great shots today.
Bald Eagle and Sharpshinned Hawk Photos:Courtesy Tu Dong
Sharpshinned Hawk
Bald Eagle In Flight
Todays total of 108 raptors consisted of:
1-Bald Eagle
6-Northern Harriers
85-Sharpshinned Hawks
2-Coopers Hawks
1-Broadwinged Hawk
5-American Kestrels
Saturday,Sunday and Monday all look like there is a chance for a pretty good flight of birds. Friday it looks like there is alot of rain in the forecast. I will go over and stay until it looks like the rain isnt going to stop. My advice for infrequent visitors or folks coming from a distance is to wait for the weekend.

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