Oct 5 Good Winds Good Birds..111 Raptos..YTD>2000

Frank,Betty,Lee and Walter during a brief lull.

Todays weather was very promising. As I left the house,winds from the northwest were promised and started quite early. Walter,myself,Carol,Berle,Ann,Lee,Bill,Mike,Betty and Mary enjoyed a terrific day. Between 930am and 10am Walter and I saw 4 Peregrine Falcons fly past. I managed a decent photo of one of them.
Close-up Peregrine Falcon(Frank)

Soon I spotted an Osprey. It circled,with one of the Peregrine Falcons joining it. That was a treat.
Osprey In Flight(Frank)

Sharpshinned Hawks were seen every hour of the count,most being barely above the treetops buzzing through the park.
Sharpshinned Hawk..Courtesy Ann Brokelman

Once again the local juvenile Redtailed Hawk put on a show. Ann got this rather unique angle.

We also had 2 nice low and close Broadwinged Hawks.Our final total today of 111 raptors brought our season total to 2088,with plenty of vultures and Redtails yet to come. Todays total consisted of
9-Turkey Vultures
3-Northern Harriers
81-Sharpshinned Hawks
3-Coopers Hawks
3-Broadwinged Hawks
2-Redtailed Hawks
3-American Kestrels
6-Peregrine Falcons
I am very non-commital about the weather and thus advising people to come out in the near future. I will say watch the weather..dress warm..hope for the best!

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