25 Raptors...5 Peregrine Falcons

Today had the threat of rain most of the time,including 2 or 3 huge claps of thunder from clouds out over Lake Ontario. Walter and I hung in from shortly after 9am until 3pm. We were rewarded early with the site of a hunting Red Fox...it chased squirrels all over the gardens. Once we started to look for raptors,a Coopers Hawk went by very low and close..we debated and decided it was the local Coopers Hawk. Within minutes it returned,chasing a Redtailed Hawk(also local) and they interacted,with the Redtail turning tallons up trying to grab at the attacking Coopers Hawk. With that bit of excitement Walter and I were ready for birds. We started to see a few Sharpshinned Hawks at a time. As Gunner and Harry joined us 2 Peregrine Falcons went by about 10minutes appart. After Walter and I left,Ann spotted an Osprey.By the end of the day we had totalled:
15-Sharpshinned Hawks
1-Coopers Hawk(not the local)
1-American Kestrel
5-Peregrine Falcons

Tomorrow Monday and Wednesday will bring some raptors but no large movement is expected. Thursday looks good right now for a larger movement of raptors,if the predicated weather holds.

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