Slower Than Expected 32 Raptors

Today,there wasnt much of an upflight and the day never turned into what we had hoped for. That said we did see several great birds. A Northern Goshawk came very close to the gathered watchers. It was chased by the local Crows beyond Kew Beach someplace before the Crows returned to Rosetta. A juvenile Bald Eagle was spotted,as we watched a Broadwing abit over the lake. Always a thrill to see the Bald Eagle. We were well looked after today,Bill brought Tim's muffins for us,while Betty brought hot chocolate in a large thermos..some for each of us. Peter arrived considerably later and brought me another hot chocolate. Brad,Carol,Berle,Bill,Betty,Terry,Peter,Walter and myself enjoyed
1-Bald Eagle
1-Northern Harrier
22-Sharpshinned Hawks
1-Coopers Hawk
2-Northern Goshawks
2-Broadwinged Hawks
1-Redtailed Hawk
2-American Kestrels
Thanks to everyone for their help,sustanance and commradderie over the past few good days. Everyones contributions are greatly appreciated and make things go smoother. Things will likely be slow several days in the coming week,due to less then optimal winds and some rain days. If I see a change I will be sure to post. Keep an eye on the weather.

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