Slow,Cold,Wet Plus End of Sept YTD numbers

Today was cold,overcast and eventually very wet. Before the rain came Walter,Gunner,Berle and myself saw 15 raptors. By noon rains began and Walter and I took refuge under a tree. Soon Leon arrived and as we chatted,Leon spotted a passing Peregrine Falcon.
Todays total was 15 raptors,which included
8-Sharpshinned Hawks
2-Coopers Hawks
1-American Kestrel
3-Peregrine Falcons

Saturday doesnt look very promising,Sunday some birds may fly but I dont expect much of a flight. Monday looks like the best bet for a decent flight.

The year to date totals as at the end of September are ahead of 2008.We were way up on Turkey Vultures,with that flight of them on the 30th. Our Sharpshinned Hawk total is almost equal to last season,owing to the last couple of days in the month. The Year To Date totals are
416-Turkey Vultures
20-Bald Eagles
66-Northern Harriers
743-Sharpshinned Hawks
35-Coopers Hawks
6-Northern Goshawks
50-Broadwinged Hawks
84-Redtailed Hawks
258-American Kestrels
29-Peregrine Falcons

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