Finally Northwest Winds..Best Day of Season 145 Raptors

We were finally blessed with all day northwest winds,which brought a surge of raptors. Many were higher then we would have liked,but many gave nice views. The good winds also brought out the birders,with Berle,Carol,Lee,Bill,Tall Peter,Bruce,Murray,Mike and Les,who brought their friends Laura and Harvey for their first visit and Brad and Pam. Welcome to the new folks,Im glad the day was successful. The flow of birds was very steady 5 hours with over 20raptors each hour. The first and last hour of the day was slower.
Our Final Total Was:
6-Turkey Vultures
2 Bald Eagles(both juveniles at 12 and 12:45pm)
1-Northern Harrier
61-Sharpshinned Hawks
4-Broadwinged Hawks
4-Redtailed Hawks
60-American Kestrels
4-Peregrine Falcons
This brings our season total to 643. The next couple of days have a good chance to be good days. The humidity may slow things down. Thanks to everyone for their contributions.

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